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The Boss™ Burnt in Gold vALPHA

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The Boss has granted you 100-Day warranty for today.
LIMITED EDITION BOSS™ vALPHA was developed and designed only for the Alphas in a tribe like you, badass.



Dominance –The Boss™ vAlpha dominated its materials superior enough, upgraded for DURABILITY. That’s why everyone should know the Boss™ is an Alpha and exclusively made for the Alphas. 

Resilience – The Boss™ will always have its mark for quality hinge in the midst of badass folding matters. But as demanded by resilience, this LIMITED EDITION  Boss™ vALPHA like you, is opt to resist the hard fold and hold without losing a hinge or breaking an inch due to its HINGE METAL.

+ Mid Flexibility- To be an Alpha, you need to have the resistance in whatever force that will try to bend or break you. That’s why this Boss™ vAlpha in LIMITED EDITION will always be ready for left or right twist of the fight covered by flexibility an Alpha should possess.

+ Free random limited edition Scroll Keeper™ 

+ Free Shipping Nationwide + Cash On Delivery Available


1-2 working days of delivery for Metro Manila, 2-7 days for provincial areas via LBC now available 'cause the perfect Boss wants to see you asap

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