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January 21, 2017 — Sup Homie
Naughty Was Nice!

Last Christmas, the’ baddest’ of them all went to town.

With all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, everyone definitely felt the spirit of Christmas. Santa’s face was plastered on every door, wall, and windows! But guess what? Just this Christmas, a different Santa went to town - one that was badass, wicked, and downright..shady. Get to know the ‘baddest’ Santa of them all.

Eye Know Right, being the smug company that they are, took it upon themselves to be the Santa everyone's been warning you about. Because for the very first time, Eye Know Right released their own line of Christmas greeting cards that were utterly perfect for the season! What's more is that they gave these away for free upon any purchase of their Eye Know Right Shadies. Here’s a picture of the most talked about Christmas for those who weren’t able to get their hands on one.

These Christmas greeting cards came in a small foldable card which when opened, a surprise message is waiting – here is where the lemon twist came in. Eye Know Right prepared messages that were categorized into two – Naughty or Nice. Customers got to choose whether they would want something Naughty or Nice written on the card. It became the perfect stunner for everyone last Christmas! Most braved to be Naughty and only some played it safe. With laughing hearts, many send their thanks and feedback. But it’s supposed to be the other way around, folks! In behalf of the Eye Know Right, thank you for making this year’s Christmas the naughtiest one yet. It just proves that at times, being naughty is nice.


January 06, 2017 — Sup Homie
Why The 20s Have No More Undies



Dark clouds are fast-approaching.  Join us in exploring the world with No More Undies.

Remember that moment when you encountered a stare down with someone who underestimated you and lost?  We know the feeling.  As rookies in the online industry, we were also looked down and misjudged.  Hear our story and know why the 20s have No More Undies.

First established in July 2014,  Eye Know Right led by young entrepreneurs launched as the only home of the sickest sunnies and specs using only a relevantly small capital with Instagram and Facebook as our main platforms.  We were able to gain followers and magnetize partnerships such as Zalora all in a time frame of less than a year.  With prominent branding and profound dedication, it didn’t take long for us to be considered as one of its TOP SELLERS.  To date, we were able to join more than a hundred pop-up stores and success was evident.  All these were gained in our rookie year in the industry.

As we continued to grow and gain recognition, underestimating eyes started to wander.  Our products were often misjudged as cheap and easy-to-break because of its inexpensive price.  Betrayals, ridicules and belittling were constant in every event we went to.  But instead of letting things be, we took it as a challenge and plotted to start a BATTLE CRY FOR RETRIBUTION.

Hiring partners with a limiting age bracket of 20s, Eye Know Right began its rebirth.  Why 20s, you ask?  Because just like most of the youths, we are often underestimated.  Branded as the “UNDIES”, we wanted to prove that being young doesn’t always mean we are only bound to make mistakes.    In order to say ‘NO MORE’ to being anyone’s UNDIE, we PERFECTED Eye Know Right shadies to be ULTRA IMPACT PROOF, SCRATCH AND SHATTER RESISTANT and UV 400-EQUIPPED.  Ascertaining that any wielders of these shadies are combat-ready to WIN any stare down! 

NO MORE an UNDIE, Eye Know Right along with ‘THE 20s’ is now running a multi-million company and is heading its way to the TOP!  We hope you could join us in our battle cry for retribution and let the UNDIES hear our heartfelt hope for them to stand up and fight to remove their status as being THE UNDIE.  TAKE that UNDIE OFF and PUT ON the underestimated eyewear made perfect by the underestimated youth. 

We are Eye Know Right with No More Undies and we are PERFECTED FOR STARE DOWNS.

December 05, 2016 — Kat Rey