An Eye-Opener: See  Through New Lenses

An Eye-Opener: See Through New Lenses

You might be used to seeing the world through your regular lenses, but have you ever thought about what it would be like to see it through new eyes?

Sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective to change your whole outlook on life. And that's why we created vNeo and vLite, our newest release in EyeKnowRight. We wanted to create a pair of glasses that would let people see things in a way they never had before—and make them feel like anything is possible.

We want you to gain confidence in your eyewear. It should enhance your personal style and your ability to express yourself. Through eyewear, you may see things in a new way and feel totally empowered by how much more clearly you're seeing the world around you.

It's kind of like magic.

EKR vNeo and vLite Collection

Your glasses don't have to cover up who you really are. They can show your true self.

Have you ever felt like you couldn't be yourself because of what other people think? Did you ever wish that you could just show off your real personality, but didn't know how?

Well, now there's a way! With our new line of eyewear, we're helping people do just that. Our glasses help you embrace who you really are by showing off what makes you unique, whether it's your personality or your style.

Our vNeo-EKR sunglasses and vLite- EKR clear specs feature sleek designs that will make you feel like you're seeing everything through a new perspective. 

The new released collections are available in an array of colors and styles, so you can find what works best for your personality.

Align Your True Personality and Reinvent Yourself

Do Stuff That’s Outside Your Comfort Zone

You know that thing you want to do, but you're too afraid to do it?

That thing where you say, "Well, if I'm going to do this thing, I need to make sure that I have everything in order first." And then you never actually get around to doing the thing? Yeah. That.

A lot of us are guilty of doing this—and it's a shame, because we miss out on all kinds of opportunities for personal growth and joy. Life is full of opportunities for adventure! We just have to be brave enough to take them.

So, here's our advice: set yourself up for success by doing stuff that's outside your comfort zone. You might be surprised by how much fun it is when you finally take the plunge.

Spend More Time with People Who Are Awesome

The world is full of people who are fake, mean, and just not good for you. You need to cut the BS out of your life and surround yourself with those who make you feel good about yourself and the world around you.


Let Yourself Be Inspired by Others

Let Your Friends Inspire You

One of the best ways to get inspired is by connecting with other people who share your passions—and if those people are also doing something similar to what you want to accomplish, then all the better.

Talk to your friends about their projects and see how they got started. What did they do? What did they learn along the way? How can you apply those lessons to what you do?


Pursue What You Love

If you don't love what you do, it's a waste of time.

When we are doing something that we truly enjoy, our motivation to keep going is high and we feel energized. When we don't enjoy what we're doing, we are likely to procrastinate, feel unmotivated and unproductive.


Seek Out Good Vibes

I know it's hard to feel good when you're down in the dumps, but there are ways to seek out good vibes.

First, remember that the situation you are in right now will pass. Whether it's a bad day at work or the end of a relationship, you will get through this period and be stronger for it.

If you can’t find happiness, then create it.


Happiness is an Art

Finally, try looking at things from multiple perspectives instead of just one—this can help you develop greater insight into the world around you, which will make you more empathetic towards others and less likely to judge people based on their appearance or culture alone.

Happiness is an art, and it's something that needs to be practiced and learned.

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