This July, we will unveil seven eyewear families: The Ballsy, The Big-Wig, The Big Time, The Breezy, The Blithe, The Brave, and The Bold. These families took inspiration from our long years of fighting the antagonists. Today that we are trying to see the world in a new light, we want to highlight the protagonists who shared their journeys. You motivate us to continue pushing toward our goals. You are the protagonists that the world needs. 
After our speakers share personal stories and experiences, we cannot generalize that social media is terrible. The key is to use it in moderation and with awareness.
Wondering how we pull those things together since July 2014? It may be an enigma for others who do not know us yet. That, despite those FOUR years under the eyes of criticisms, judgements and underestimations, Eye Know Right managed to bring up the mess and turned them all to be an armour for badassery to stay this far.