Eye Know Movement: Fashion Guide to Creating Your Own Armor by Jeremy Tan

Eye Know Movement: Fashion Guide to Creating Your Own Armor by Jeremy Tan

One's design won't be considered significant without a purpose, that's why Jeremy Tan wants people, even for his antagonists to know that his passion for fashion design is a form of self-expression.

"When you're happy with what you're doing, you get to express what you want to do with your craft", says the uprising designer.

If you want to create your own timeline, he wants you to follow this guidelines:

1. TIME 
From his personal experience and point of view, time is an enemy for everyone. To not waste every ounce of it, you need to do your craft everyday. Whether from just a simple plan on how to improve the simple outlines of your initial design, for you to get better. You'll never know until you do it every single time, right?

"Pag naniwala ka sa sarili mo, mag di-develop ka." For Jeremy, owning and honing your craft doesn't need to be expensive. At an early age, Jeremy knew that he's into fashion design by watching fashion TV and cartoons. And this is how his dreamy vision as a child motivated him to create a fantasy away from the real world through his designs.

His motto? "Ayokong yumaman nang hndi ako masaya at hindi rin masaya yung client ko, I have 40 more years of doing this for other people, creating fantasies for them." He believes that his fine years of weaving other people's confidence would be worth like thousands of diamond beads. Helping people smile is one thing, but being of service to people is another story. And that's how he wants to live his life

Jeremy motivated himself to pursue his dream to become a fashion designer. Amid his struggle from the eyes of his antagonists, he used his creations as armor against his belittling Burgis. "If hindi mo inayos yung craft mo ngayon, dadami yung haters mo. But dumadami sila dahil gusto nilang sabihin sayo na mag improve ka."

"Kasi yung dream sometimes yun yung nagiging reality." The moment you wake up, write down the things you want to achieve. Always remember that even when you sleep, it's okay to be excited to dream, but not too lazy to pursue it when you wake up.

This rebellious fashion inspire everyone by creating an armor against his haters through fashion design shared a vision that will shield the future generation of young aspiring fashion designers:
"Pag gising ko one day, i have a vision of having my own foundation for kids, for the less fortunate sa province namin (in Bicol). Siguro gusto kong magkaron nang foundation for the young designers na hndi kayang mag aral sa Manila."

He dreamed of his own foundation for the less fortunate but passionate and talented young aspiring designers that can be their safe house where they can express their vision when it comes to fashion design, for them not to waste their time. Just like what Eye Know Right's School-Project™ is doing, he wants to serve the young aspiring designers in his province for free!

This vision of him also serves as the greatest armor for him to pursue and improve his career. He's really eager to make his dream come true despite the antagonists trying to tear him down.
Now we're hearing a slow clap from elsewhere, Jeremy.

We asked him about his say when it comes to helping the young aspiring artists. and this is what we grasped:
"Pag ako naniwala sa kanila, naniwala si Eye Know Right team for it, naniwala lahat ng artists sa isang bata, I feel na it's more that enough." That it will change his/her life to pursue his/her passion for art just because someone believes in them.

"Pag naniwala ka sa bata, manniiwala sila sa sarili nila, pag naniwala sila sa sarili nila, mas marami silang time na maniwala sa craft nila."

Now that Jeremy is a comrade, Eye Know Right's School-Project™ will be the armor that protects the kid's vision towards art.

You, Eye Know Right together with Jeremy, we'll fight off antagonists and save the kid's vision, one Shadies™ at a time.


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