As a staunch Autotelicians, or Autotellians--or whatever the name of Autotelic’s fanatic domain—and having the honour to tail them on their rehearsals,

we learned some realizations that you might not know yet or have been missing to grasp since day 1 of your fanhood.


1. Even electronic music can give heartstrings the hardest tug.

From Gising through Hanap, their Papunta Pabalik album is a set of feel-good songs like some sunshine shedding upon your face.

With its funky upbeat that would make you dance-along,

it would not dawn on anyone immediately that its lyricism is otherwise a sun setting in sadness, longing and hard realities.

Their songs are not just electronic-infused beats and rhythms, they tell so much cut-throat stories.Text

2. No need to put back your artsy self into the old box.

Autotelic is an adjective which means having an end or purpose in itself.

And this band is surely living up to their name.

If you’re wondering, do these people have day jobs? Yes they do.

They are musicians is one thing but going through adulting is another.

3. The x and y for the success formula.

According to Kai, it is good attitude plus good luck that will make you reach success.

Because if you lack either of the two, well then, you’re not gonna make it.

4. Artists, Indie Ka Nag-Iisa

Different art, different genre but all in the same track.

All artists, may they be singing, writing or painting, are trying to make this world a little more bearable through their art.

Despite the difficulties and the hard-core downside of being one, artists are adamantly choosing to make their passion burn even hotter for the genuine love of it.

The support come-and-go all the way, a perpetually growing chain.

This is everyone’s battle and for everyone’s triumph.

Now you might be find yourself nodding in agreement here but you see,

there is always a bigger and deeper story obscured beneath the artist’s façade.

This time, we’ll face, not just the music, but their Side B.




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