6 Tips For Organizing an Online Gig

6 Tips For Organizing an Online Gig

By Gerard del mundo
PR Executive : Eye Know Right™ + LEGAZY®

Over 140 amazing people, 14 days of intense planning, 1 badass team for 1 amazing night. Eye Know Right’s 6th anniversary celebration (aka 6th ave) has been a huge success(thanks to you guys of course). It was an amazing experience for me and for the rest of my team since this will be the very first time we’re doing an online gig. It was not easy but it was well worth the effort! I took some time to reflect on the things that I learned while producing this gig and here’s what I have to say. 

1. If you think it will be easier than mounting a regular gig, you're wrong.

Mounting an online gig has its own pros and cons. When I was planning this, I thought that it would be easier since it’s done at home, not thinking about the location, availability of the venue and such but a few days into planning, there were new things to think about such as:

  • Internet speed. Not just my internet but the bands that will perform as well
  • Taking into account the equipment of the artists at home and how it will sound online
  • Considering who will perform because it’ll be hard to have a full band do a live performance during these times because of the curfew and how far some of the members are from each other. Performing separately isn’t a viable option since you have to deal with the latency of each member’s connection.

I have to accept that there will never be a perfect gig. There will always be problems and hurdles along the way. It’s up to me and my team to overcome those hurdles to make this gig a success.

 2. Ask for help!

I have a tendency to tackle my problems by myself because I don’t want anyone else to deal with it since they also have their own deliverables to think about. But there were times during pre production that I was overwhelmed with the tasks needed to be done so I told my team about the current problem that I was having.

In just a matter of minutes, they proposed a solution and even took some of the load off of me and it was done just like that. It made me realize that I don’t need to tackle these things on my own. There’s a reason why I have teammates. Two(or more) heads are really better than one! I think this is the point where I have to thank my team from EKR and our media partner, Indie Manila for making all of this a success. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

3. Offer help!

The same goes the other way around! I always try to give some solutions or suggestions whenever my team needs it. We’re all trying to make this gig successful. Helping my team with their problems as well brought us closer to that goal.

4. Don’t settle for less.

I was so ready to accept that it will not workout and whatever happens, happens. But it was a good thing that my team and I didn’t give up that easily. We pushed through and didn’t settle for less and we were rewarded for it with an amazing event.

5. Who says you can’t have fun at home?

I really miss going to actual gigs where I can drink with my friends and interact with my favorite bands. Nothing will ever replace that. But after 6th ave’s success, it just goes to show that even during these hard times, we can still help our community, show love to our favorite artists and support the local art scene even at the comfort of our own home.

That night was really one for the books and it wouldn’t be possible without my amazing team at Eye Know Right, Indie Manila for all the help that they gave us and of course the amazing audience that we had.

Can’t wait to see what our next gig will have in store for us and I really hope to see you guys there to celebrate with us once again! Cheers!

6TH AVE: Eye know right's 6th year anniversary

Eloisa Jayloni, Monty Macalino, Leanne and Naara, Clara Benin and Jazz Nicolas

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