Transitioning To A New Chapter

Transitioning To A New Chapter


Eye Know Right started as an underestimated brand, diving into a pool of established brands for eyewear with only faith, dedication, and a dream to hold.

What happened since 2014?

From a brand that wanted to prove judgments wrong, standing up to rejections and underestimations, EKR strived to pave its way up. Eye Know Right learned from hundreds of experiences in the seven long years they have been in the industry. Fired up with passion and dedication, Eye Know Right brings the brand into a new light.



EKR livestreamed a discussion entitled The Social Media And How It Affects Our Mental Health

Transitioning to a new chapter, EKR held a Facebook Livestream that gathered different perspectives from respected individuals of various industries. For an hour and a half, Toni Chua, an Advertising Professional, Jax Pagtalunan, an educator and Mental Health advocate, and Barbara Villafuerte, a Psychology student, took turns to discuss The Social Media Culture and How It Affects Our Mental Health.

Most of us are on our phones more than five hours a day, mindlessly browsing Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or the newest addition to our Internet addiction, Tiktok.

When asked about the pros and cons, most of the speakers brought up that social media is essential for their work, as everything now is digital. Whether it be following the new trends, advertisements, relevant issues and events, and even the latest stories and updates with brands, celebrities, and most importantly, news.

It's also mentioned in the discussion that social media is an excellent way to gather and understand various reactions and perspectives as people in the whole world use it. With a click, you'll see opinions about an issue from different parts of the world. But as much as social media is helpful, entertaining, and convenient, we cannot escape the fact that too much exposure is harmful.

Points that were given highlight in the Livestream include our reliance on social media for validation. We may not be thinking about it consciously, but the humans' needs to be seen and acknowledged can be fulfilled in every post, share, comment, and like. While boosting our confidence, it also makes us set expectations, leading to social media either our source of comfort or a source of disappointment. When in fact, it should be neither of the two because social media is far from reality.

Cyberbullying also became a subject of discussion, as most of us know someone who has been bullied before or even experienced it first-hand.



Instead of using social media to generate an insightful and healthy discussion, sometimes users take it too far, leading to heated arguments behind their screens. And since no one exactly knows what happens in each other’s' personal lives, hurtful comments and debates are difficult for others to take, causing depression.

Is Social Media Bad?

From a student's perspective, aside from using search engines to learn more about a topic, social media is also helpful as important news and articles also became a part of daily social media browsing.

For an educator, social media is also helpful in conducting lectures as every student is updated and knowledgeable about how platforms work.

While anyone who works in the Advertising industry can say that social media is where they get most of their inspirations and ideas. From observing and analyzing what most people want and interact with, social media is helpful.



After our speakers share personal stories and experiences, we cannot generalize that social media is terrible. The key is to use it in moderation and with awareness.

This Livestream is a step that EKR took to show that there are different views that we need to look at for a better understanding.

Soon, we will be influencing the world to see new perspectives.

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