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Trends, viral sensations, or even popular brands and celebrities can blow up in the media within a day and last for a certain period.

A great example of this is the fast progression of technology, such as the cell phone. A decade ago, cell phones were only a means to communicate with others faster and more efficiently. It only had features limited to text messages, phone calls, and maybe a few pixelated phone games to pass the time.

Now, cell phones bridge beyond small circles of friends and family. It reached a point where it's essential that keeps one connected to the news, events, and even access to daily necessities with only a few swipes on the screen.

While this seemingly innovative device continues to change the world with its cutting-edge features, other brands and even influential public figures have started out with one goal but inspired more ideas to simultaneously make life better for millions of people.

At Eye Know Right, the brand is more than just premium eyewear for Filipinos. It is also committed to supporting children's dreams through the continued partnership with Project Pearls.

It’s time to take a closer look and see beyond the surface level. Thus, we're here to give you a glimpse of another side of things from well-known celebrities and apps we know and see in our daily lives.


Paolo Ballesteros From Transformation To Inspiring Other Filipinos

With an incredible talent for transforming into other famous celebrities and characters, Paolo Ballesteros became massively well-known in the Philippines and worldwide with his skills in make-up transformations.

Paolo Ballesteros even caught the attention of international celebrities with his powerful transformations over the years. His confidence and love for this particular art form gave more Filipinos an idea of our country's Drag culture.

While this art form has been around for years, "Drag" became more widely known because of how celebrities like Paolo Ballesteros show the beauty of it on television and even on the big screens.

From being in the spotlight of drag culture to inspiring Filipinos to be more expressive and confident in sharing their own side of drag, Paolo Ballesteros proves that doing what you love encourages others to do the same.


From habal habal, to Angkas Through The Traffic

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Living and working within the busy cities of the Philippines, we Filipinos continue to find and create solutions to beat the traffic for daily commuting. One commonly used solution to get from point A to point B through the heavy traffic of Metro Manila came from George Royeca, the co-founder of a known motorcycle ride-sharing app, Angkas.

Whether you've lived in the suburbs or around the province, motorcycles are more commonly used as a means of transportation. Unlike cars and vans that follow specific rules and regulations, there is no official legalization process for "motorcycle taxis." 

Our society still stigmatizes riding motorcycles on roads as dangerous and prone to accidents. Motorcycle collisions are especially considered a daily occurrence on major roads and highways. However, vehicular accidents aren't really limited to just motorcycles. In fact, there are still other forms of road incidents that occur, especially within Metro Manila.

George Royeca introduced the idea of Angkas to provide an alternative means of transportation. His inspiration came from how some motorcycle riders and commuters are familiar with habal habal as a solution for commuting, even though it is still considered illegal and unlicensed. Angkas became the answer for commuters needing a faster way to commute while providing a livelihood for motorcyclists. 


Seeing More Point Of Views With EKR

While these are just some examples of how there are more sides to see in what we consider prevalent in our society. EKR will continue to be the Philippines' premium eyewear brand while showing the passion and stories of the diverse communities in our country.

From the optimistic view of the youth to the fierce determination that Gen Z and Millennials have towards achieving their goals, EKR is ready to let more Filipinos see things differently every day.

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