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As eyewear lovers, we often use our favorite pair of glasses, daily, and we have to make sure that they last for a long period of time. Of course, for prolonged usage of eyewear, it tends to pick up dust, dirt, or smudges over time. 

Yet, aside from the protective case, and lens cleaning microfiber cloth that one can get upon buying their pair of eyewear. There is more than one way to protect and maintain your favorite glasses that can elevate your style.

While most eyewear accessories can range from functionality to interesting designs, most people tend to go for accessories that are both functional and reflects their unique personality. 

And with the Philippines transitioning back to normal, and traveling becoming more frequent, EKR™ introduces the perfect accessories that’ll fit your needs to protect your eyewear and make it easier to carry them any place you go.


EKR Accessories Blog - Buckle

The Buckle™

A small yet very versatile necessity especially when you’re not wearing your eyewear on your face. Rather than risk losing or damaging your favorite pair of glasses as you go about your day, EKR™’s The Buckle™ is the right eyewear holder you need.

No need to hang your eyewear on your clothes, or above your head without it unexpectedly falling off. With a secured Vegan leather clamp and a comfy lace, The Buckle™ keeps your glasses or shadies safe when not in use, plus adds that nice extra touch to your outfit.


EKR Accessories Blog - Sleeve

The Sleeve™

Though, if you prefer to keep your eyewear in your bag when going out, or during long travel, The Sleeve™ strikes the perfect balance of minimalistic, practicality, and chic design all in one.

This slim, leather keeper by EKR™ was crafted to keep not just your beloved eyewear, but also your smartphone without taking up too much space in your bag or appearing too bulk when carried.

It’s also a great alternative to keep your eyewear protected and have more space in your bag for other necessities for work or travel.


EKR Accessories Blog - Archive

The Archive™

Of course, for the fun-loving, travel enthusiast, one pair of shadies for the road is not enough, especially when planning out all the outfits you’d wear.

This is why we got the best option for you to organize your eyewear collection. Take your shadies and glasses wherever you go with EKR™’s portable eyewear organizer, The Archive™. Made with premium vegan leather, this nifty eyewear organizer is tailored to carry up to six different kinds of eyewear, while keeping them secured and protected while you travel. 

With its built-in snap locks, each eyewear can be held in place so it won’t slip off or be damaged. The best part is that you can even use The Archive™ as an organizer for your other essentials, like charger cables, wires, pens, or even your earphones. It even functions as your eyewear collection display that you can hang anywhere at home.

All these stunning upgrades for your eyewear can be found on EKR™’s official website, which you can have upon purchase of any of our best-selling shadies, or from our latest eyewear collection. 

So, if you’re thinking of adding a bit more personality to your style, or just in need of a great alternative to keep your eyewear safe, EKR™ has a few nice accessories up our sleeves to maximize your shadies’s product lifespan. Besides, good things, do come in small packages, and these three accessories fit any outfit and lifestyle.

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