By trusting the guts, scattering the sparkling bits of passion and talent upon their clients; makeup artists like Aira Castor always put everyone else shine before the lens and the eyes of everyone.

But now, Eye Know Right lets an artist as humble and passionate like her own the spotlight. Aira, who is a professional makeup artist for 2 years until now enjoys every glow of her career through her art. It all started during her time abroad when her elder sister’s encouragement made her realize that she really wants to go for this career.

She said that satisfying her clients by boosting their confidence makes her heart blush.

And for anyone who wants to pursue makeup as their career path, here are Aira’s top 3 beauty tips for you to bloom on your art:

1. Patience - Lots of it! Aside from your patience on making your client’s look fabulous, she said that you also have to be patient enough at all situations and always reserve a smile to contour your day regardless of negativity that surrounds your beautiful life.

2. Humility - Like Aira Castor, you must be humble enough to remind yourself that no matter how many times you’ve succeeded in settling the powder of your wishes that were all came true, or how well-defined that winged dreamed you’ve reached, you still need to thrust your pretty heels on the ground and be as helpful as possible to other people.

3. Right attitude - A classic foundation that never goes out of style nor can be erased by any solvent. Be sure to have this on your purse and make it a habit of wearing it naturally. For a right attitude combined with patience and humility can be your greatest asset once you include this top 3 tips to make your day, or even your entire life beautiful while pursuing your beloved art. But once you ask her about antagonism that brushes her heart down? She’ll give you a hint about the people who see her as a Bastard image just because of her tattoo. Underestimating her that she won’t find a good job because of it.

She even said that “Parang iba yung tingin nila pag may tattoo ka, bastard yun tingin nila. But for me, it’s art talaga.“ Her art and the art itself was embedded by who she really is, her tattoos are the representations of every story about her. So why judge such a precious masterpiece like her?

As a woman, she wondered how she pushed through with her career. But then it came to a point that people are asking her on how she does her art, added by positive feedback, and people in the industry that became close to her.

According to her, “Pag pinasaya mo yung tao, babalik din sayo, mawawala din yung bigat”. And that’s the perks she likes most about her career. Struggles also exist, like the feeling of being unappreciated with her art sometimes. She thought that,“Akala nila ganito lang ginagawa mo, which na ang sakit.” But her vision was widened enough, as she understands that struggles are part of the process, and seeing her co-makeup artists going through the same unavoidable rough road gives her courage to surpass that kind of underestimation.

Though she’s small, her dreams won’t be measured by anything. So she just wants to tell the young ones that they just need to believe in what they can do. It’s just difficult at first, but you need to focus on your vision, about who you want to become in the future. She stated, “Kung ano yung nakikita mo sa sarili mo, dun ka magtiwala” But aside from yourself, you also need to stick to the people who believe in you. For Aira, it is not difficult to give-back by means of helping the young ones who are struggling to pursue their passion for arts.

“Sila (the out-of-school youth) from wala, pero may pangarap sila katulad natin.”

You too can inspire and help the street-kids through art education. Your purchase of Eye Know Right Shadies™ can make that possible:


Because coming from her generous heart:

“Walang mawawala, nakapagbigay ka pa”; and we felt that.


To book this badass makeup artist, you can follow her social media accounts:
Facebook: Aira Castor HMUA @airacastHMUA
Aira Castor https://web.facebook.com/andreairacast
Instagram: @airacasthmuaportfolio or @airacastthmua
Email Address: airacasthmua@gmail.com
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