Explore our world with No More Undies

As a pack of millennials from an underestimated country--Philippines,
Eye Know Right was not spared from underestimation and judgment. In search for a battle cry for retribution, our Youth Crew came up with something to face our Bullies, Bosses, and Bastards – and #NoMoreUndies bared it all.

No more underdogs. No more underdeliveries. No more underestimations.

Let us all TAKE IT OFF NOW and PUT ON the Eye Know Right Shadies that are PERFECTED FOR STARE DOWNS.


Dark clouds are fast approaching. Join us in exploring the world without undies.

Have you ever encountered a super electric-zapping stare down with anyone? Well, that’s a common every day thing for Eye Know Right. As rookies in the online industry, it’s always served to us in a silver platter. Misjudged and looked down, we strived to pave our way up. Hear our story and know why the 20s have No More Undies.


Explore our world with No More Undies

First established in July 2014, Eye Know Right launched as the only home of the sickest sunnies and specs using only a relevantly small capital with Instagram and Facebook as its main platforms. We were able to gain followers and magnetize partnerships such as Zalora all in a time frame of less than a year. With prominent branding and profound dedication, it didn’t take long for us to be considered as one of its TOP SELLERS. To date, we were able to join more than a hundred pop-up stores that lead to an evident success. All these happened in our rookie year in the industry with God’s grace and our stubborn faith. As we continued to grow and gain recognition, underestimating eyes started to wander more. 

Our products were often misunderstood as cheap and non-durable because of its inexpensive price. Betrayals, ridicules and misjudgments were constant in every event we went to. But instead of letting things be, we took it as a challenge and plotted a drastic battle cry for retribution Hiring partners with a limiting age bracket of 20s, we began. Why 20s, you ask? Because just like most of the youths, we were often known as the underestimated, the underappreciated, the underrated – the underdogs.

Branded as the “UNDIES”, we wanted to prove that being young doesn’t always mean we are only bound to make mistakes. In order to say ‘NO MORE’ to being anyone’s UNDIE, we PERFECTED Eye Know Right shadies to be ULTRA IMPACT PROOF, SCRATCH AND SHATTER RESISTANT and UV 400-EQUIPPED. Ascertaining that any wielders of these shadies are combat-ready to WIN any stare down! NO MORE an UNDIE, Eye Know Right along with ‘THE 20s’ are now running a multi-million company and is heading its way to the TOP! We hope you could join us in our battle cry for retribution and let the UNDIES hear our heartfelt hope for them to stand up and fight to remove their status as being THE UNDIE.

So now, we are encouraging everyone to TAKE that UNDIE OFF and PUT ON the underestimated eyewear made perfect by the underestimated youth.

We are Eye Know Right with No More Undies and we are PERFECTED FOR STARE DOWNS.

Watch Ally Munda (@comeonally) in #NoMoreUndies. Read up her full story on underestimation and how she fought back and took all the Undie-labels off.

Watch Chesca Paredes (@chescaparedes) in #NoMoreUndies. Read up her full story on underestimation and how she fought back and took all the Undie-labels off.
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