Eye Know Right got the chance to talk to Jan Fresco AKA Toxicles, our badass brother from the tattoo industry. His artworks focused on Neo and American traditional; said he’s attracted from that design since college, but is always glad to adjust whenever the client wants a different style.

Aside from Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, there were other people that served as inspirations for him to not to lose sight on his art.

This badass also knows the feeling of being bullied when he was young, but that didn’t stop him to gain confidence and be the best artist as he can today. According to him, what he did to overcome that phase in his life is that:“Nag-create ako ng sarili kong mundo. Tapos habang andun ako sa mundo na ‘yon, gumagawa lang ako ng art. ” Away from everyone, even from his antagonists.

Art has been his buddy since childhood until now. From painting to graffiti, until he arrived at mastering the art of tattoo.


"Nag-create ako ng sarili kong mundo. Tapos habang andun ako sa mundo na ‘yon, gumagawa lang ako ng art.”


Most of the time, sadness can lead someone to unproductiveness...

But not for Jan, because art serves as an outlet for what he feels. And he loves to create art during his lonely moods. Like any underappreciated artists, Jan also experienced the struggles of being belittled in his art. That art doesn’t need to be taken seriously nor to be granted with monetary credit because they think that what artists are doing is not a profession at all. And that really sucks.

But the rebellious artist in him didn’t let that stigma sting into his passion, but rather took it as a motivation for him to prove that art deserves respect and acknowledgment too, and should never be seen as just a simple hobby that an artist can do for free.

For Jan, struggles should be the fuel to let you focus on what you really want to do. With regard to our art, Jan said that:“Aalagaan ka ng art mo. Balang-araw, hindi ka niya iiwan.” Toxicles even said that sometimes, commitment to art can be like marriage. That in order to prosper, an artist must focus on it with consistency and sincerity for his/her art to go further.

When asked what he can say for the kids who want to pursue art:

“Art is everywhere, kahit saan ka tumingin pwede ka ma-inspire.Kung gusto mo yung art, huwag mo isipin masyado kung saan ka patungo, mag-focus ka lang ‘dun sa ginagawa mo.”

Toxicles learned a lot from the tattoo community, like the art of being patient. He said that, “Pag walang patience, parang mamadaliin mo lahat ng bagay. So hindi ka makaka-create ng masterpiece kapag lahat minamadali mo.”

Despite of being awed while looking at his own tattoos, we didn’t forget to ask what he got as his latest piece. He enthusiastically showed-off his “Bee” tattoo while stating that: Ang galing ng bee, simple lang siya na insect pero ang laki ng impact niya sa mundo. Tsaka dapat “bee happy” lang.” As an artist, Jan Fresco believes that with his passion, he can inspire the young ones. Together with the talent he can share and the perseverance of a passionate artist like him. And through that, they will eventually continue to believe in their own passions too.

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