Eye Know Movement: Watch This Dancer As She Carries Her Burgis Well

Eye Know Movement: Watch This Dancer As She Carries Her Burgis Well


As a dancer, Rej believes that anyone can get inspirations everywhere; one has to channel that and release everything through the art of dance.

From her passion for dance since 7 years old, Rej shared with us her story as an artist.

Just like dancing, she followed her own steps on how to deal with struggles and antagonism, but still managed to believe in the positive rhythm of life.

Others are often intimidated or afraid of their oppressors.

But for Rej, her antagonists are her pet-peeves. She gets annoyed with the Burgis-like people or the entitled ones because she experienced the feeling of being looked down by others.

Manners in dancing can be learned through discipline too. But despite of her natural talent since she was young, Rej was humble enough to improve her passion through enrolling to dance classes and joining dance groups to improve her gift as an artist. The reward for loving her art?

It’s the freedom that she gets to express herself, especially the overwhelming feeling when people appreciate her art and the hard work she puts into it. Plus the friendship that she earns through her teammates. According to Rej, it is a must to try dancing beside the beach! Aside from soaking your feet upon the cold water, summer is the best time and place to flaunt someone’s passion for dancing too.

Hmmmn.. Maybe you guys can try it sometime this year. Rej dances with her passion like nobody’s watching, and another thing to grasp from her experience is- To not be afraid and to keep on practicing until one really gets better. As an artist, one must always open his/her room for improvement. Because it is important to grow on what you’re doing, and you need to really work hard on it. This motivation and advice also apply to the young ones. That on practical side, you have to really take classes and be the better version of who you are as an aspiring young artist.

Balancing her life as an artist and her day job as an event organizer is her struggle. Yet, her creativity and energy will never be wasted as she’s using it for her career path right now. But the best thing about balancing her life is that she has the heart to encourage everyone to learn the drill on how to treat others well and be as humble as possible. While learning how flexible she is as a person, it also applies to her favorite dance move, which is “split.” As an artist, the inspiration from her parents, teammates, and coaches led her to inspire other artists and the young ones. The wisdom she can share to everybody:


Trusting the process, and of course God that everything will work out in the end. And for the start-up future dancers like her? Rej wants you to not give up. You really need to practice and invest on the things that will help you to get better with your art. And of course, to believe in yourself! Rej dances away her antagonists and focuses on giving back to the community by sharing her experiences, wisdom, and passion. It’s your time to pass it on. Yes YOU! Now you can help young passionate artists to pursue their vision for art by granting them free art education, simply through your purchase of Eye Know Right Shadies™. If Eye can, she can, YOU can too.

You too can inspire and help the street-kids through art education. Your purchase of Eye Know Right Shadies™ can make that possible:



Rej Tee is currently enjoying her energy and creativity as Event Specialist, You can follow her at:
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/rejeantee
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