We are thrilled to announce the start of our new scholarship year. Our team has been working hard to ensure that this school year, more children will be able to go to school and receive the education they deserve.

In order to reach this goal, we need your help. One purchase of shadies can help send a child to school. We are always looking for new ways to improve and reach more kids who need us most.

We are so happy to announce that our scholars recently finished their First Quarter of school. In line with this, we would like to share some updates about their schooling.

Here are the Christmas Thank You letters that we received from our scholars. We are so proud of them and the accomplishments they've made. Their dedication to their studies and their desire to be a positive influence to their community is inspiring, and we hope that you will continue to work hand in hand with us to continuously support them and their dreams.



Reach more scholars through Project Pearls

We hope to reach more scholars in Project Pearls.  We believe that even unprivileged children deserve to be recognized and experience school with less-stress. This is why we are starting this scholarship program, so that they can continue to pursue their dreams while also supporting them financially. The scholarship program will cover tuition fees, books, and art education.



We aim to be of aid to underprivileged students in the Philippines

There are several reasons why providing free and quality education to underprivileged students is important:

  1. Education is a basic human right and it's essential for personal growth and development.
  2. It helps break the cycle of poverty and provides children with opportunities for a better future.
  3. A well-educated population is key to a country's social and economic development.
  4. Providing education to underprivileged children helps to reduce inequality and promotes social justice.
  5. Education empowers individuals to make informed decisions, participate in the democratic process, and contribute to their communities.

By reaching more children and providing quality education, you can help to create a better future for the Philippines and its citizens.

Help a child, one shadies at a time


Supporting the Scholars for Outreach Program by purchasing from Eye Know Right is a great way to contribute to the cause of providing education to underprivileged students. By making a purchase, you can help send more children to school and provide them with opportunities for a better future. 

Every purchase can make a difference and help to improve the lives of those in need. Thank you for considering this initiative and for your support in helping to make education accessible to all.

At Eye Know Right and our collaboration with Project Pearls, we see education as a means to change lives and build a better future for our scholars. We would not be able to send our scholars to school each school year if it weren't for your support through your purchases. Last Christmas was really heartwarming for us in Eye Know Right, knowing that we were able to do this with your helping hands.


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