See A New Way Of Giving Back With EKR™

See A New Way Of Giving Back With EKR™

We’re all familiar with the term “BOGO”, which usually is a short term for a promotion that we look forward to as, “Buy One, Get One”. However, there is another meaning to this acronym, that doesn’t only benefit you, but will also support another person in return.

It's time, once again, to be out with the old and in with the new. While it may seem like a great bargain to get two items you want for the price of one, what if you could not only get yourself something you need while making a positive change in today’s society?


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Donation-driven campaigns and promos have been a part of our daily lives in recent years. You could even be supporting a meaningful cause right now. Aside from traditional methods of donating to organizations or individuals involved in social impact projects, some brands are also making a difference. This also leads to consumers being mindful of how certain brands give back to the community. Thus, the rising demand for sustainable, charitable promotions and campaigns increased in the last few years because of how individual purchasers are more critical of how their purchases from these brands affect society and the world as a whole. You may even find ads or marketing campaigns to focus more on the sustainable and charitable benefits of their products or services.

Because of this shift, many brands include ways to involve their customers to create a positive social impact. Such examples of these campaigns are tree planting projects of larger companies, where they encourage customers to accumulate points as a method to plant a tree in mangrove or forest areas as part of reforestation efforts. While other brands create more direct methods that are achievable by buyers with their purchase or use of their services.

This is why through the years, EKR™ partnered with Project Pearls to help Filipino street children have better opportunities for education, one shadies at a time. However, it was time to further progress these efforts so that more customers can make a greater impact.


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During the festive season of giving last December, EKR™ kickstarted a new promo in collaboration with Project Pearls called, “Buy 1, Give 1”.

The start of the Buy 1, Give 1 promo enables each customer a way to directly give their donations to the Filipino scholars of Project Pearls.

With just a few clicks on the computer, you can purchase premium-quality EKR™ eyewear or sunglasses for yourself, while donating a pair to the many scholars of Project Pearls at the same time. 

This promo not only helps you find the next best eyewear for your everyday style but also allows you to donate eyewear that is essential to more Filipino scholars to pursue quality education. The best part about this promo is that you can choose from a wide collection of EKR™ eyewear, and still help a great cause at the same time. 

However, if you are unsure of what eyewear to purchase, no worries, EKR™ has a collection of eyewear that you can get for yourself or a loved one. From stylish shadies from our best-selling vAlpha, vPrime, and the vNeo collection, to even some Anti-Bluelight eyewear for kids from the vLite collection.


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Did you also know that EKR™ still sends a portion of each eyewear purchase to the scholars of Project Pearls and that this is only the surface level of how you can give back to the future of our nation? 

Both EKR™ and Project Pearls have ongoing campaigns and programs that support Filipino scholars each year, and you can even help more kids have better educational opportunities in your own way. 

Learn more about EKR™ and this exclusive Buy 1 Give 1 promo on our website, or even purchase your first shadies to help the Filipino youth, today.

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