May it be due to an oracle or not, we felt privileged to meet these people that belong to those dudes who love to create that creepy, yet witty lyrics wrapped in groovy kind of melody.

We made a trip over their hideout to know what they’re up to before they all transform into maggots that will be able to creep you out with their terribly good style in making their music during the night. If you might also want to take a glimpse of what they’re up to during their life after a long night, this morning ganap with BITA AND THE BOTFLIES will make your day.

So before BITA AND THE BOTFLIES take us on the alter side, let’s snoop over their other side.


They have this morning life like anyone of us guys. Want a weird yet satisfying ritual to psych ourselves for a different taste of reality? Just smash that play button to any of their songs from the moment we open our eyes, and that thing can add up to our morning routine as well.

From the enticing “Sisikat Ka Iha” until their heart-chapping “Chop Chop Blues”, we can’t afford to conceal our admiration on how they make their music affect and reflect the unseen scenes of the reality. BITA AND THE BOTFLIES are just that awesome in expressing their passion through their art.

How they chill each day would probably the best way for them to produce sound that’s suited enough to bring goose bumps to their listeners.


When you want to experience a yin-yang kind of vibes, they’re the people who are capable to cast that feeling towards you. Like hey! For them, it’s not all about the crowd and the scene; it’s what everything that motivates them to do what they love while meeting other commitment they needed within a day.

But when they say morning? Be prepared to hear their own kind of sunshine and their version of an “early rise”; because from the moment they open their eyes at the time it is required to wake up after a tiring yesterday, or even when their gig overwhelmed their energy so much , that’s where the morning with Bita and the Botflies will start.


Once you listen to their songs and stroll over every text within the lyrics, you’ll be freakin' awake towards the other side of the reality. It may sound creepy and disgusting enough to grasp that information but that, for them, is the reality anyway.

When stressful morning hit Bita of these botflies? Well, when you ask Sofy of where she wants to wake up after a nerve-racking day? HUGE MARSHMALLOW would be her answer! (Imagine the feeling.) Whew


You probably think about rolling out of bed and reaching for that precious toothbrush or didn’t bother to suck one into your mouth yet; will drool over what’s on your phone, or just fix your eyes towards anything you see from the moment you open your eyes? Yup! They’re normal people as the rest of us (if I’m clearly not mistaken).

Rebel’s wife and his superbly cute cat is his first agenda once he opens his eyes. Weird “good morning ritual”? A cup of coffee, while watching television inside their comfort room! Such an inspiring and literally “comforting” way to start the day, Rebel.

Playing his favorite games and organizing his playlist with a presence of coffee as his way of waking up his sleepy head would always be the cool way of starting Mark’s day.

In for a challenging morning? Ask Rhey on how to add some spice to burn that calories of an evening gig with food and drinks, because morning exercise is his favorite way to greet the day.

For Kevin? He considers the dawn of his day as make up his mind from serious matters like setting up plans and thinking the best decisions, up to the simplest dilemma like deciding what to eat for breakfast. And that’s how he loves to start his day.

Morning thoughts for Sofy? She loves that “halo-halo” thoughts, not bothering to do anything but to pause for a while or writing down everything she remembered from a dream was the chill form of her morning ritual.


And after all those weird, funny, and healthy yet interesting morning rituals from BITA AND THE BOTFLIES, their “day jobs” fulfill their morning life. They were just ordinary people who are used to stay still after waking up, while thinking what to do or what to eat for breakfast. That for them, their solid relationship as “barkada” will continue until the spotlight was on their side no more.

Despite their intimidatingly quality music and how passionate they are on-stage, anyone can feel the light vibe once you get to talk to them about almost every matter. That’s how their character will make you admire them as they are. It is just a bonus for Rebel and Sofy to play in a band with each other since they tend to have a good father-daughter bond.

So in case we bumped in with these awesome humans, we can’t help realizing that like botflies, they just want to pop-up our skin and we can never resist being consumed by their art and loving them as they are off-stage as well.


Yes, they’re all passionate in what they’re doing; they were the misfits that suit enough to make their band distinguished in the music scene.


They’re just as simple as we are, how their music hit us is twice the impact on how they express their kindness and humility towards life. And that’s BITA AND THE BOTFLIES behind the spotlight.

So it’s not only darkness that gratify the botflies; the darkness of every realization often leads to enlightenment of what’s really happening around us and, that was the message that BITA AND THE BOTFLIES convey through their art.

BITA AND THE BOTFLIES only reveal unto us the essence of their morning life that greatly contributed for who they are behind the spotlight.

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