We won’t deny the eargasm when URBANDUB invade our playlists, or we crave for more songs whenever they perform on stage. But this time would be different; it is where URBANDUB will treat us on their story behind the spotlight through their FOODTRIP.

And why good music was not just the thing when it comes to filling up their tanks.


A little bit of information on how and why they don’t just eat but engage themselves in their own kind of FOODTRIP:

They’re from Queen City of the South where Lechon will always capture the attention of every hungry craver and of course, that's one of their favourites in Cebu especially the boneless one. Every time they talk about food, enthusiasm will always be seen in their eyes. Who's not interested to fill their unfed stomach right?

Good food awakens the hungry beasts in them as well as how their music awakens their listeners. They love to eat foods as they love to make their own kind of music.

”Good food and good company” through their good friends and families make the journey lighter despite the hard-rock kind of life they've been through.


Of their different choices that will leave you wanting to grab some for yourself: Food of their choice? Lemme give you a free taste of informations straight from them!

- Dugo-dugo (dinuguan) – May it be from Manila or Cebu, they really crave for this whenever it’s on the menu

- Pizza – For a go-go snack of the busy URBANDUB

- Pasta – Whenever they huddle at their favourite place, this will always be the star of their plates

- Pancit Canton – In or out of the menu, this foodtrip stuff will always make their tummy glad

- Bolognese – Bologna people where art thou? URBANDUB would be delighted to eat this delicacy with you

- Crispy Bacon Liempo – Talking about great food that’s in? Never forget this URBANDUB’s “FOOD FOR THE WIN”!

- Puso de Cebu –The hanging rice they love to grab whenever they hang out at the city that they beloved. For them, this is actually the heart upon their Foodtrip around their native place, Cebu

In front of these dishes, you’ll tend to realize that there’s really more to life to than be hungry with everything you want. Why do that when you can be satisfied with these mouth-watering yet nutritious foods from URBANDUB’s list?

Once you get the chance to ask them about diet? Well they’re all thinking about it, but never of course in front of a SIZZLING PUCHERO (lol). After a dizzy drink of last night’s gig, how do they deal with a hangover? “mainit na sabaw!” (Bulalo soup) is their answer!

From Cebu to Manila, It’s the different taste and flavours that always satisfy their cravings. And with good food and good people, they’re just always felt at home whenever they’re about to wander from place to place for their passion.

Song for a certain dream? Just loop into “31” from their album, “Reality and Dreams”; and you’ll feel how Kim and the rest of the band narrate that 31st entry from Kim’s dream journal.

Bet you’ll just wanna stay that way while feeling the Loop’s dream vibes, and finding it hard to recognize the fine line between reality and dreams. So with Loop’s songs, would you rather stay away from the rest of the world, or just stay asleep in your favorite corner?


Nah none at all; they just want to enjoy and be thankful for what they have on the table. But according to Gabby Alipe, keeping your hands clean before a good bond with food was one of the essentials for a safe and healthy eating.

But of course, we didn’t settle to that strict and serious rule cause he, himself or maybe some of them have the rituals of washing their hands while singing “Happy Birthday” song and feed each other with their bare hands, and those gestures add spice and fun to their foodtrip bonding.


The feeling of wandering with their story: For them, it’s the bond and nutrients that counts; hence, Foodtrip was one of the main ingredients for their bond not only as a band but as trops for life.

They keep on enjoying what they do while enduring the negative things on being in the music scene.”


For URBANDUB, it depends on how their budget would fit-in to their foodtrip demands.

From their early times in the music industry, their earnings for a 15-day pay will dictate whether they’ll go for a grand foodtrip or would it be just enough for a “de-lata! (Canned goods)” theme upon their table.

The journey may be tough at the beginning of URBANDUB’s career as musicians; but as they say, that challenges will be the grounds for you to know if you’re really passionate and dedicated of what you’re doing or not.


As their name marked the Philippine local music scene, we’re may be still in wonder about their secret to keep on rockin' and how they’ve made this far. But when you ask them what, they will answer you that “there’s none”; ‘cause as for them, they just want to make music out of passion. The people liked their songs and eureka! - Their music became AN INVITATION for their greatness in the music industry.


These additional advices when you want to be like them who are also, want to pursue their passion:

Being humble no matter how far you’ve come, will always be the main requirement. And for them to inspire others, they’re also inspired by other great artists in the music industry.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to have fun, be grateful always and always, and of course, “keep doing, what you’re doing”, burrrrp

Simple yet grand, URBANDUB dreamt of reaching more audience with their legendarily awesome sound, that’s why they always want to go perform at the so-called “Land of Opportunity”, also known as the United States of America – and probably plunge on the American-kind of Foodtrip as well; hmmm sounds delightful huh.

There’s no limit or sophisticated ingredient when it comes to dream and success if like URBANDUB, we will just fill our life not just with music but with humility, passion, good people and of course, good food.


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When the stage light is over, what do they do after? O kahit bago pa man tumugtog, eto na ang ganap nila. Foodtrip ba? Here’s what the URBANDUB got for you guys!

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