The busy streets, line with tired beings that all hoping to catch another ride and of course the barker who tirelessly yelling at everyone about the left and right thing until the jeep was filled like a can of sardines.

Lucky are those who can't relate to these.

Before we pull the trigger about your jeepney experience, let Eye Know Right share the trip of these badasses who dared to ride the journey to Project 5 and celebrate Eye Know Right's 5th Anniversary on July 12 at Saguijo, Makati.  

First Trip:
For the ones who took the early ride to Project 5-- you've probably compressed yourself enough just like squeezing your poor *ss in a crowded jeep but still lucky enough to get close to your favorite bands.

The jeep with signs about the details of Project 5 and School-Project™ welcomed badasses from the main entrance.

The hosts, who were formerly part of Eye Know Right didn't fail to remind everyone that giving a moment to stop Eye Know Right's booth and buy a pair of Eye Know Right Shadies™ will serve as a ticket to free art education for the young aspiring artists.

Due to "punuan", the b*stards who made war with the Friday rush traffic arrived late:
We bet you've just made a tossed with the crowd singing your favorite song outside just like clinging every strength of your pulse at the last seat of the jeep. Just be thankful for the fresh air that slapped you outside

Dropped-off Stuff: 
Eye Know Right Shadies™ and shirts giveaways plus awesome freebies from PONY and DBTK thrust towards the lucky misfits who dared to step outside the pedestrian crowds just to claim their prizes.

We wonder where they got the charm to call out the hosts and give them the special gifts , but we're pretty sure that it isn't some kind of a "1,2,3" modus because the well-deserved winners answered every question right.

A Jam packed ride:
The overwhelming number of badasses filled the Project 5 route, that's why Eye Know Right's allied musician Danidea, Bita and the Botflies, Urbandub, Autotelic, Riot, Mayonnaise, Eloisa Jayloni, Leanne and Naara, Itchyworms, One Click Straigh and Kjwan made sure that the sound were amplified enough for a jam-packed ride.

Along the journey were Eye Know Right's media pakners from Radio Manila, Raccoon Production, Support Your Local Indie Scene, Indie Manila, Manila Concert Junkies, Audio Heavy Entertainment that supported this ride and Eye Know Right can't thank these badasses enough for a solid brotherhood.

The driver finally grabbed the mic:
An ounce of time for eargasm was delayed not because of the traffic of technical difficulties nor any other freak vibes. It simply because Eye Know Right's driver and the original Boss, Bugsy Ancheta grabbed the opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of Eye Know Right's journey.

Till the next freakin' ride:
We made a solid and badass pack for the 5 rough but awesome years guys, and Eye Know Right hope that you felt the extreme gratitude through the enjoyment you've experienced.

Yes, we all dealt with the heat and uncomfortable amount of space that accompanied us during our jam with our favorite musicians like actually riding inside a crowded jeep during the peak hour of the day with the loud sound of our favorite music that punches the jeepney's speaker.

But gaining patience and purpose to go for a certain destination doesn't just pop out of a comfort zone, right weird heads?

This anniversary ride:
Eye Know Right wants to arrive with you at the 5th destination: the School-Project™, which will give us all the drive to save the kids vision, one purchase at a time.



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