EKR: Holding To Its Visions And Moving Forward

EKR: Holding To Its Visions And Moving Forward

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Eye Know Right was first introduced to the market in July 2014 as a brand of timeless eyewear. At that time, big brands were already prominent and established, making the entrance to the industry a little intimidating. But Eye Know Right, with precise determination and relevantly small capital, strode with confidence and an overflowing bag of hope. 

EKR primarily catered for the underdogs and 20-something individuals struggling to liberate themselves from the judgments and cope with rejections, in short - the underestimated people. Because as a brand with a fair share of drawbacks, we could relate and knew that we had to do better - we had to be there for them. 

EKR™ Old Logos

We started conceptualizing projects to continue the realization of this purpose. And as a team consisting of different personalities and individual uniqueness, the idea effortlessly came through us. What is that one thing that brings people together? But also the most underestimated and misjudged? ART. 

We brought a couple of artists and featured them on our page. We want to know their journeys and how they battle the underestimations. We communicated these music artists' stories through Side BA campaign where we released series of interviews and snippets of their daily lives. In this way, their fans would understand that their idols share the same experiences away from the spotlight. 

And a year after this successful campaign, we were inspired to launch another with the stories of individuals who pursued non-mainstream arts and gave birth to our Eye Know Movement campaign. We met these underestimated artists and got a glimpse of their hardships and an understanding of their wins, another way to communicate that we have our battles to fight, but there will always be hope if there is passion. 

Eloisa Jayloni and Clara Benin for EKR™ Side B

And lastly, Eye Know Right's School Project is a step toward achieving our dream for every young aspiring artist to pursue arts, especially those less fortunate, forcing them to face reality early. 

We have made a difference since 2014. Our collaboration projects were successful, we established an eyewear brand for the underestimated people, and we built a community that shares our vision. However, we were forced to face a situation no one is prepared for, and dealing seemed impossible last year. The pandemic immediately made the headlines, and our lives changed. 

This 2021, while we have adjusted to the new system and rules due to the pandemic, there is a much greater thing that we realized- coping is a different issue. This pandemic situation isn't easy for everyone. Aside from the safety risks, people are in a constant anxiety state that leads to demotivation. 

But we have to move forward. After years of being on the battlefield for underestimations and rejections, we learned from our experiences and realized that there are different angles to see and different approaches to take. 

Amidst the pandemic, we found an inspiration to take action and continue to hold onto our visions. Despite the changing world, we shifted our perspectives to see what we can do more out of life, and the process hasn't been easy. Viewing the bigger picture requires patience, effort, and will. 

EKR™ School Project

This July, we will unveil seven eyewear families: The Ballsy, The Big-Wig, The Big Time, The Breezy, The Blithe, The Brave, and The Bold. These families took inspiration from our long years of fighting the antagonists. Today that we are trying to see the world in a new light, we want to highlight the protagonists who shared their journeys. You motivate us to continue pushing toward our goals. You are the protagonists that the world needs. 

We are moving forward. And we are doing this with you. 

Together, we can see new perspectives. 

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